Shoka is now grandfather in South Africa!!!

9 puppies born in the kennel Arleo in South Africa
 from Mr. Arie Jansen.
6 males and 3 females all with perfect ridges!

We visited Arie and his wife at their farm in Zoutpansdrift.
Its about one hour from Johannesburg.
Its a beautiful farm were the dogs can run free in the pack but
they are very close to their owners and live and sleep in the house.

!!!Only a few pups are still looking for new homes!!!

If you are interested, please contact us
or directly Mr. Arie Jansen:

Kennel Arleo, South Africa


Tel:  00 27 82 500 3964

Fax:  00 27 86 621 6416

Mobile:  00 27 82 500 3964

Residential:  Plot 245, Zoutpansdrift, District Brits.

Postal:  PO Box 5249, Platinum Mall, 0278



Breeding from Stud Dog

Glenaholm Morning Eagle of Arleo, HD A1.A1, ED 0.0, ZA003369B11.

Sire:  Lionhill Leor, HD A2.B1, ZA012665B09.

Dam:  Glenaholm Jolie Jude, HD A1.A1, ED 01, BY000820


    Breeding from Bitch

Glenaholm Beckie of Arleo, HD A2.A2, ED 2.0, ZA014388B12.

Sire: Shangani Bekua Shoka, HD A2, ED 0, LOF 6 RHO.RID 2150

Dam: Glenaholm Back to Beauty, HD A2.B1, ED 0.0, BZ130293.


More pictures coming soon!!!















Monday, 23 September 2013


Arie Jansen - Arieo





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