Drakensberg Hurricane`s first puppies are born in the kennel:

Franschhoek Nkululeku

3 males and 6 females were born 15th of may 2015.
All have beautiful long Ridges, and they are strong and healthy!

They are now
5 weeks old.
At the time when they will travel to their new homes
they will be dewormed, vaccinated and checked by the vet several times.

They grow up in a very loving home and are socialized very well
with many things from the daily life.
Until now they had their first travel by car and went to a horsefarm.

eating time.

Beautiful mother Farrah.

Proud mother Farrah with her pups.

Playimg time...

.....and fighting time.

Hello, who are you?!

If you are interested in one of these beautiful puppies,
don`t hesitate to contact me or directly the breeders:

Mélanie Navarre et Sylvain Perichard
14 A, Rue de la Fontaine
67220 Breitenbach, France


Pedigree sire:  Drakensberg Hurricane

Pedigree dame: Farrah Imara de Kiungwana

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