Dr. Steph Potgieter, Pronkberg Kennel

We met Dr. Steph Potgieter, the breeder of Shoka´s Dad Pronkberg Makari.
He is one of the first who began to archive the very first registered 80 Rhodesian Ridgebacks and all the litters since 1922.
He spend a lot of time with us and told us very interesting storys
about the early days.
The time we spend at his home was fleeting
and we took so much information and positive vibes with us...
And he loved our Shoka, because he lookes like
the old Rhodesian Ridgebacks he bred.

Thanks to Dr. Potgieter for spending your time with us!!!

Scotty Stweart, Johannesburg

We met Scotty Stewart and his wife with our dogs.

One of many interesting statements was the question of the white color:

The white was on a lot of good dogs.
It goes with sound temperament. Its in the breed.

Don’t ever get rid of the white!!!

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