It should be our aim as breeders to preserve the original character of the Rhodesian Ridgeback in order to produce muscular, powerful dogs with character, typical for the breed.

Our puppies are born in our living room. They remain there for the first weeks and are looked after by us personally round the clock.
So they have plenty of contact with people and all the usual household and environmental noises right from the start.

From about 4 weeks, the puppies are housed in a specially provided puppy room, and they can go out at any time into our generous fenced garden, in order to romp as they will on various types of ground.
They can collect many different impressions in a playground intended for them, to ensure the appropriate upbringing for the breed.

In the bringing up of puppies, we lay great emphasis on socialisation, as the first phase of conditioning to other dogs and humans reaches
its peak in the 3rd to 6th weeks.
This is of decisive significance for the later relationship behaviour of a dog, as the puppies have already gained as much positive experience as possible during this time. This does, however, have to be continued in the same positive way after leaving the litter and moving to a new home.

Puppies should definitely continue to learn social behaviour in the companies of dogs of the same breed and age.
Should you be interested in one of our puppies, we would earnestly recommend a good dog training school with puppy play groups.
Please look into this before you make the decision to bring a puppy into the house, because there are also great qualitative differences there.

Our puppies will have already come into contact with well socialised dogs of the same breed and children during their time here. They have also already been wormed, inoculated and chipped many times.

Our intention is to provide the puppies with the best starting conditions for a happy, long and healthy dog life, so our aim is to breed healthy and correctly bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks, who can than be passed on to a new "pack" at an age of about  8 - 10 weeks.

From you, we expect a lot of time, commitment, love and adequate
room to suit this breed.

If we have awoken your interest in one of our puppies, please get in touch with us in order to make an appointment to get to know each other soon.

Drakensberg Rhodesian Ridgeback
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