The Drakensberge are the highest mountains in the south of Africa.
They get their name from the numerous

pinnacles and mountain ridges, which means "barrier of spears"

 translated from the language of the Zulu.
thus the English name
"Dragon Mountains".

Due to the clear mountain air far from civilisation,

the numerous waterfalls, wild flowers,

and the variety of bird life

and the high mountains with many forms,
part of the mountains have formed the
Drakensberg Park since 1997/98,
and in
2000, the Drakensberge were included by

UNESCO on the list of  World heritage sites.

This wonderfully beautiful, wild area relates

to our dogs in a quite special way:

Natural beauty combined with freedom, power and elegance.

We are very proud that our puppies will bear

this beautiful and significant name in their pedigree!

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